Interior Geographies

"Interior Geographies" are works that dance between the domestic environment, relationships, and personal narrative.  In focusing on these concepts I allow my subconscious to compose what I consider to be visual poetry in the vein of Frank O’Hara’s Personism.  Personism for O’Hara was a true abstraction of poetry, where the poem is directed to one person only, full of innuendo and instances of experience.  Using loaded objects and processes I arrange and construct installations that leave keyholes for the viewer to glimpse meaning, but that are intended to be unlocked by only one.  These vague suggestions of story allow the viewer the pleasure of psychoanalytic readings and positions of projection; they give space for the imagination.

​October, 2017 Neon Parlour

While the Hour and Council of SVOo came together for a three week residency at Testing Grounds where we considered ​deep time as part of the Sustainable Living Festival.  ​Deep time is a geological concept developed by James Hutton in the 18th century, where by time is measured by geological events.  For the residency I spoke with people about their concepts and thoughts around time, and then carved into the local bluestone pictorial representations of our discussions.  These were left in the landscape of Testing Grounds for the casual viewer to stumble upon.  I think about how in years to come those rocks may out last me and also how eventually those markings will erode off the rocks themselves.

​February, 2017 Testing Grounds

Set In Stone