The Gumnuts

The Grove, Davis Rd Tarneit

The Frogs

In the river near  Stockland's  sale centre the endangered Growling Grass Frog  spawns.

Building off the concepts of   Thompson and Berrill Landscape Design, I went from plasticine to concrete, with the help of  Industrial Carving Services  and  Aringo  Polished Concrete. As the children leap from piece to piece a sensor  triggers the Growling Grass Frog's mating call, a final touch by TBLD.

Not far away from the Frogs at  The Grove, there is a picnic area shaded by Yellow Gums and Yellow Box Gums. Taking my inspiration from these Australian natives I considered the seed of the plants as forms for my next sculpture with TBLD and Stockland.  The Gumnuts are a signal of Australian life and the beginnings of the new lives that will take hold in The Grove Estate.  Each piece made of 6mm diameter mild steel was painstakingly welded by Nathan Combs from  Charlcom.